Stop being frustrated

Book layout and book cover design

Are you getting frustrated, using free online programs or Word for your book design? I get it! Most of those programs are okay for a certain standard but it has their limits, like with many things that come for free.

Instead of getting frustrated trying to do everything yourself, imagine what it would be like if you could sit back and relax after writing your book because I will take care of the entire design and pre-press process.

Layout and design
After receiving the manuscript, I start with the layout of the book. I choose the font style, and size and make sure the illustrations are the right size for print. I always keep you updated with the process by sending you PDF files to check.

Book cover
Of course, everybody judges a book on its cover. That is why the cover should match the storyline. Since most books are bought online these days, I will make sure, the cover also looks good as a thumbnail.

Technical details
Book design is more than just making a pretty picture. I make sure the files you receive, also match the technical demands of your printer so when you send them to your printer or upload them to websites like Amazon or IngramSparks, you know the files will be perfect for print.

Indie-author or publishing company
Over the years, I have worked with several publishing companies and indie authors. Are you interested in working together? Let’s set up a meeting to talk about what I can do for you.

mireille van yperen

Since 1995 I have been working as a graphic designer and web designer. At first as an employee but since 2003 I'm working in my own company. In addition to graphic design, pre-press, and web design, I also illustrate children's books. As a side project, I have written, illustrated, and published six picture books myself, which are available at Amazon. I'm originally from The Netherlands but moved to Oregon in 2022.

Fun facts: Crazy about tea, chocolate, and traveling. My cat is called Kip which confuses the street because Kip in Dutch means Chicken.

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