Cover design and formatting picture boek“Nu ga ik dag zeggen” (I will now say goodbye) is a special book that I designed for Marjolein and Desiree who wrote a picture book for children who have to say goodbye to a loved one. The book also provides practical information on how to talk to your child about death.
The book is only available in Dutch.

Do you want to know more about book design or cover design? Feel free to contact me so I can answer all your questions about your project.





“If I could give a 10-star rating, Mireille would certainly deserve it. Over a long period of time, Mireille helped shape our picture book and she did it with great patience and understanding. She has taken our book to a level we never dared to dream of. Contact via email and Zoom was always very pleasant and Mireille was always willing to help and answer our questions. We are extremely grateful for her dedication and expertise and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a reliable, talented illustrator, graphic designer or web designer.”

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