Dr. Lisa Grass had a dream for a long time to write and publish a picture book. She just had no idea where to start or how to do it, so she sent me a message asking for advice.

We scheduled a Zoom meeting in which she shared her idea and was able to ask questions about the ways of getting her book published. The book ‘I Can Swim Too’ didn’t have the standard 32 pages. Initially she wanted to opt for a board book, but because it would be a big investment, she ultimately chose to publish with IngramSpark.

Based on her manuscript, I first made the sketches for the book and shared them with her together with the text. After she approved the sketches, I started developing each sketch. Then I created a separate illustration for the cover and finally helped her upload the files to IngramSpark.

You can order the book by following this link.

I have always had a dream of publishing a book. I didn’t think my dream would come true because I wasn’t sure about the illustration process. I had an idea for my book but I wasn’t sure where or how to start the process of writing my book. In fact, it took me a while to get started and initiate the process. I found Mireille after researching illustrators. Working with Mireille regarding my book was a joy. She explained the process, answered all the questions I had, was very trusting, involved me to make sure I was happy with the work completed, and was patient. She kept me updated as she worked on it. Thank you Mireille for helping me achieve my dream. I will be back for more of your work.

Dr. Lisa Grass


Do you also have a manuscript ready to be published? Feel free to book a zoom meeting so we can discuss your options.

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