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You are finally done writing and editing your book. The next step is illustrations and a design (formatting). You google everything from China to India, from $5 to 5,000 dollars, but who can you trust with your book?

I completely understand how important this project is to you. That’s why I am here to help you. With just one click, you get all the help you need, to publish your book, because I have all the skills from illustrating to making your book print ready.

I’m sure you have a lot of questions about the process so let’s set up a free consult to see what I can do for you.

Ralf, the sleepless calf

Picturebook design

  • Cover design for print and e-book

  • Design picturebook content for print & ebook (32 pages)

  • 3D mock-up (FREE!)
Wobbly Winnie wiggles too much: When sitting still is not an option

Picture book illustrations

  • Sketches for approval before the final illustrations
  • Illustrations in high resolution for print and e-book

  • 3D mock-up (Free!)

Picture book illustration & design

  • Illustrations (32 pages / 14 spreads)

  • Cover design for print & ebook

  • Picture book design print ready and e-book  (32 pages)

  • 3D mockup (Free!)

No stress with a skilled designer and illustrator

Publishing a book can be a very stressful project while it should be fun. With hiring a skilled designer and illustrator, the process of publishing will start being fun again. As a designer, I take away your stress by creating a beautiful design and layout. The only thing you need to do is enjoy seeing your story come to life.

The moment you wrote your story, you had an image in your head, how what the characters of your book look like. It can be difficult to explain the image in your head to an illustrator. During a (Zoom) meeting, I listen to your ideas about how you want to see your characters. To make it more specific, what kind of style you are looking for and if we are a good match, you can show me the styles you like by making a mood board. When we are a match, I’ll get to work for you. As soon as I have made the first sketches, I will send them to you by email. From there I make each illustration. Together with the text, I’ll send you the illustration during the process so you can see how text and illustration work together.
When the book is finished, I make a print-ready PDF file of the content and one of the covers. For promotion, I will also make a 3D image for you to share on your social media.

Design & pre-press (formatting)

If you have already done a lot yourself, such as editing text and making illustrations, the last thing you need to do is to create a format you can use for print.

I collect text, illustrations, and printing information (sizes and how to send this to the printer). I start by converting all artwork to CMYK and 300 DPI. I create the layout, choose a font and place the illustrations on the pages.

You will regularly receive a PDF proof by email. When you’re completely happy, I’ll create a high-resolution PDF, ready for print. You will receive two files, a PDF of the content and a PDF of the cover.


You’re not the only one who has a great children’s story in mind but can’t get past a Word document. I’m going to help you to create your story into an actual picture book.

Creating illustrations takes time. I start by reading your story and reviewing your ideas for the illustrations. Once I’ve got a good sense of how the book should look, I’ll start by making rough sketches and character development.

When you are satisfied with the rough sketches and layout altogether, I work out the sketches, one by one, and place them in the book so we can immediately see if it fits with the text. With every step, I keep you updated on the process.


When you publish your book, you might want to consider having your website for promotion. Your fan base can join your mailing list there so you can keep them updated about your book(s).

With the content you provide, I will create a beautiful WordPress website you can update yourself. No worries if the thought of updating your website already gives you red spots of stress, I can do that for you or you can email me and I will guide you through it!

3D mockup

When you’re happy with the cover design, I’ll use photoshop to make a 3D image of your book, before it goes to print, to share on your social media channels. I know it sounds ridiculous, but you get this 3D photo from me for free.

Becoming an indie author

Nowadays you no longer need a publisher to publish your book. You can easily publish your book via POD (Printing On Demand) with companies such as Amazon.

If your book doesn’t become a bestseller, you won’t be left with a cellar full of books you can’t sell. I help you step by step through the entire process of becoming an indie author.


I once started entrepreneurship as a rookie. I had to learn so much about entrepreneurship, in addition to the profession learned in college. I gained my business knowledge by asking questions to other entrepreneurs, but mostly by listening. After almost 25 years of entrepreneurship, I would like to share my knowledge with you. Working with me will not only get you great designs but also tips and tricks in sales and marketing.

My illustrations

Interested in my work as illustrator? Here you can see some illustrations that I made. 

“Mireille turned out to be a golden match for working out what I had in mind. Shout out to this amazing woman! I am very grateful for her dedication and talent.”

Kristel Melissa Elstak
Author ‘Brad de vegetarische superheld’

“I am very satisfied with Mireille’s professional and prompt action and advice. She helped me very well with the publication of my book. She is happy to answer any question. I definitely recommend Mireille.”


Montse Gomez Garcia

Not quite convinced yet? I’m happy to answer all your questions in a zoom/skype/teams/hangout session. It’s so easy to make an appointment here.  But you can of course also send me an email.
OOPS!: A funny story about hiccups turning the wrong way

OOPS!: A funny story about hiccups turning the wrong way

In the beautifully illustrated picture book ‘Oops! A funny story about the hiccups going the wrong way,” poor Poppy Pufferfish bounces at the bottom of the ocean. She has the hiccups and doesn’t know how to stop the hiccups. With each hiccup, she swallows a huge gulp of water that makes her bounce around like a huge soccer ball. Her fins are therefore set up in such a way that they have become sharp pins that sting whoever comes close. But then she meets Oggy Octopus, almost pinching him with one of her pins.

Wobbly Winnie wiggles too much: When sitting still is not an option

Wobbly Winnie wiggles too much: When sitting still is not an option

The story of Wobbly Winnie is based on true events from the life of a mother with an ADHD child. From the glitter-strewn house, and the enthusiastic ideas to the baking of cakes, it was all a challenge.
Living with ADHD is often a challenge, but mostly for the child itself instead of getting stressed about taming the child, let’s laugh about all the funny moments!

This is a funny must-read book for every parent with an overactive child.

Fly kite, fly!

Fly kite, fly!: About a boy who didn't know how to ask for help

When Gunner gets a new kite, he decides to go to the park to join the other children. But there he realizes that he doesn’t even know how to make the kite fly. He has no idea how to ask for help. Fortunately, his sister comes to the rescue!
Gunner’s story is familiar to children with autism. They want to join the other children but they don’t know how, so they get stuck. Gunner is lucky that his sister teaches him how to ask for help so he learns it’s not so scary to interact with the other children. Wouldn’t it be great if every child on the spectrum has a buddy like Winnie to help them learn social skills?

Fly kite, fly!

Dragonfriend: Finding friends, being different than the rest

Didi feels different from the children in her class. She’s smaller than the rest. She also doesn’t understand the games her classmates play. She doesn’t know how to make friends. That’s why Didi wants a dragon friend because dragons are awesome; flying through the air and going to school together. But where do you find a dragon?

The book DragonFriend is written for children who feel different. Whether you’re just shy, introverted, or have some form of autism, making friends is just hard for your child. It is for those children, I write books to let them know, it’s completely okay to be different. Eventually, everyone finds a friend who understands and likes you the way you are.

Charlie's first adventure

Charlie's first adventure

Charlie is a little blue spider who lives in Australia. There isn’t much to do in Australia, it’s always too hot and all Charlie is doing is lying on the couch and watching TV. He is bored every day. Until one day he sees a program on TV about another place in the world. A place where beautiful flowers bloom, where there are high towers and where everyone eats a lot of chocolate. Charlie looks surprised at all those beautiful places. He wants to go there too! But how? Spiders can’t just travel to another country.

Ralf, the sleepless calf

Ralf, the sleepless calf

Ralf is a happy calf during the day. Together with his friends, he plays around happily in the meadow. Until the sun goes down and all his friends go to sleep. Ralf can’t sleep. He hears noises everywhere, he sees shadows everywhere.
This funny written and illustrated story is a feast of recognition for parents of children with ADHD and/or autism. The inability to sleep, the alertness, the fear. Everything comes across in this story, along with funny drawings by the author.

Corabella the Caterpillar: and the secret of the magic bean

Corabella the Caterpillar: and the secret of the magic bean

We all know that you have to eat to grow healthy and strong. Corabella the Caterpillar doesn’t like eating any food with colors. Still, she does want to become a beautiful butterfly, just like her friends. I made up this story of Corabella, for my children when they were young. Both were diagnosed with autism and only wanted to eat white food. By telling them this story of Corabella the Caterpillar and the colorful magic food that would make them grow, they both started trying other food colors, which was a relief for me. It all turned out well because nowadays they are gorgeous healthy adults.

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