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Magazine and catalogue design

Who doesn’t like to snuggle up on the couch after work to read their favorite magazine? Or getting outside on your lunch break to read the latest issue of that business magazine. Even though we live in a digital era, people still like to buy magazines.

Publishing a magazine
When you lack the skills of creating a stylish magazine, the whole project is destined to fail and nobody will buy or read your magazine. It is so important to know not only how to design but also the technical details of creating a magazine.
In my work as a designer, I created many different magazines over the years; from business magazines to car magazines, working in small and large teams.

With all new products, your inventory is growing fast. All your products are organized in your webshop. But have you ever thought of a print version, a catalog to send to your client, they can pick up any time, in stead of a webpage that is easily clicked away? A catalog will boost your sales. 

Want to know more about magazines and catalogs? Let’s set up a meeting to talk about what I can do for you within your budget!

mireille van yperen

Since 1995 I have been working as a graphic designer and web designer. At first as an employee but since 2003 I'm working in my own company. In addition to graphic design, pre-press, and web design, I also illustrate children's books. As a side project, I have written, illustrated, and published six picture books myself, which are available at Amazon. I'm originally from The Netherlands but moved to Oregon in 2022.

Fun facts: Crazy about tea, chocolate, and traveling. My cat is called Kip which confuses the street because Kip in Dutch means Chicken.

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