Picture books

my books are available on Amazon in Dutch and English

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I love writing and illustrating. Creating my picture books was always a dream that needed to come true and so I did. I wrote, illustrated, and published six picture books. They are available on Amazon. Would you like to know more about making a picture book? Feel free to contact me for a free consult.



A Tale of being knocked down and getting up again

Skywards is a tale about being knocked down and getting up again. A theme, many people know, I am not unfamiliar with.
The story started playing in my head, after I got severly injured in a car accident in America. For seven months I was unable to get up, being diagnosed with csfleak
During that time, I felt blessed to get so much support from my fellow leakers in the csfleak support group where I got to get to know mothers with young children, who found it difficult to explain why mommy couldnt get up.
The story wrote itself. I made the illustrations flat on my back and now it’s finished. I hope it can help spread awareness about CSF leak and how it effects not only your daily life but also your family life. But even if you’re not a leaker, this book is also for everybody who goes through hard times and is searching for away to explain that to young children.

The book is now available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble.

Coloring pages

after reading the book, keep them busy with coloring their own version of the story

We all know that parenting can be a challenge, sometimes you have to finish work, laundry, or dinner. Click on the coloring page, right-click the larger image, and save it to your computer. Now you can print it so your child can make their version of the illustration. Have fun!

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