Design can be applied anywhere, both on offline media and online media. Offline media is any media that is printed. This can be a business card, but also an annual report, a novel or self-help book, a cover, a flyer, or a brochure.

Online media is not only a website but also your social media channels. For example, does your logo show everywhere in the same style and color? Does your insta-feed have the same style as your branding?

Whatever type of expression you choose, always make sure that your company and your corporate identity are presented the way it was designed. Don’t make that rooky mistake of printing 10.000 flyers with a stretched logo.

DTP (desktop publishing)
Crop marks, CMYK or RGB, PMS, single color or full color, bleed, 300 DPI, resolution, high-res PDF, low-res PDF, or maybe a certified PDF. These are all terms that probably mean nothing to you but are nevertheless very important when you have your files printed.

Lucky for you I know exactly what a printer means when he sends the requirements for print work. Have you made a design yourself but struggled with the printing process? I can help you with that too.

Graphic design
You are good at your work but you are completely color-blind when it comes to design, you have no sense of form let alone that you can get something on paper that looks like a flyer or a folder. Stop! Leave this to me. I would like to hear what message you want to tell your clients and who your clients are, so I can get started with text, images, color, and shape. This can be a new logo or complete branding, or a special business card, flyer, or brochure.  Maybe you have written a book, but no cover design yet. Shoot me a message and let’s discuss what I can do for you within your budget.

mireille van yperen

Since 1995 I have been working as a graphic designer and web designer. At first as an employee but since 2003 I'm working in my own company. In addition to graphic design, pre-press, and web design, I also illustrate children's books. As a side project, I have written, illustrated, and published nine picture books myself, which are available at Amazon. I'm originally from The Netherlands but moved to Oregon in 2022.

Fun facts: Crazy about tea, chocolate, and traveling. My cat is called Kip which confuses the street because Kip in Dutch means Chicken.

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