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The biggest challenge for any indie author is not writing the book but marketing the book. Marketing and sales are a whole different world and to do that right takes a lot of knowledge and perseverance. Posting it on Facebook or Instagram once or twice won’t make a difference in your sales

Having an author website you can create a home where you can promote all your books in one place, while monitoring that works and what doesn’t work. Here you can promote your work, engage with readers, and establish an online presence. It creates a central place where readers, literary agents, publishers, and fans can learn more about you as the author, your books, and new projects.

What goes on your author website
Author websites are different than websites for a company. The homepage is a landing page with an overview of the author’s work, latest releases, and important updates. It includes a bio and of course, an eye-catching design to capture visitors’ attention.

The author page tells a more detailed biography of you as an author, highlighting your background, achievements, writing journey, and influences that help readers connect with you on a personal level.

When you have written more than one book, it might be a good idea to have a separate page for your books. Each book shows a cover image, a brief synopsis, and links to purchase options. We can even make this into a shopping page so your reader can order it directly on your website or link directly to Amazon.

As an author you probably like to write, so there should definitely be a blog or news page where you share updates about your life as an author, new releases, book readings, background storylines, etc.

Did you ever think of having a press kit on your website? A press kit provides downloadable resources like author photos, book covers, press releases, and relevant media coverage. These materials can be downloaded by journalists, bloggers, or event organizers when featuring the author. It saves you a lot of search time when another journalist is asking for a headshot and more information.

Another thing you should think of for your author’s website is your social media integration. Where can your readers follow you online? This could be linked to platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Goodreads, allowing visitors to easily connect and follow your daily updates.

Setting up a mailing list keeps you engaged with your fanbase when you need to share the latest news with them. You can encourage visitors to sign up for their mailing list or newsletter to receive exclusive content, updates, and special offers directly to their inbox. It helps you to build a dedicated fan base and maintain direct communication with your readers.

Did I convince you to get your own website or do you have more questions?  Feel free to book a Zoom meeting where we can discuss your ideas about your website. Or take a look at the different packages we provide.

mireille van yperen

Since 1995 I have been working as a graphic designer and web designer. At first as an employee but since 2003 I'm working in my own company. In addition to graphic design, pre-press, and web design, I also illustrate children's books. As a side project, I have written, illustrated, and published six picture books myself, which are available at Amazon. I'm originally from The Netherlands but moved to Oregon in 2022.

Fun facts: Crazy about tea, chocolate, and traveling. My cat is called Kip which confuses the street because Kip in Dutch means Chicken.

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