It was almost the weekend when Susan’s email landed in my mailbox. I read between the lines a slight panic so I decided to call her right away. She had written a book commissioned by the main character, but now she was running into the final part, designing and publishing it herself. She is a copywriter, not a designer. Stress, and sleepless nights, how was she supposed to continue without disappointing her client?

Ha! and that’s where I came to look around the corner. I reassured her that I would sort this all out and we would meet deadlines. I may be clueless about a lot of things in real life, but design is something I absolutely know everything about. As soon as I received the files, I got to work. First the cover, immediately with a 3D cover for the presentation to her client, and then the content of the book.

Susan was able to sleep well again and I was able to enjoy the design of this super cool book. The result will soon be for sale in bookshops and on the website.

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