After I published the article ‘What is creativity‘ I received the question: ‘Where do you get your inspiration?’ That of course calls for a new article!

“How did you suddenly come up with this story?” I get this question a lot when a story spontaneously bubbles up during a conversation and the subject we are talking about is something completely different. My brain is a mystery, even sometimes to myself. Funny stories make their way up from the dark corners of my brain to reveal themselves in yet another story.
Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to be able to see it. Something like magic. But don’t try to chase it or force it, or it will disappear just as quickly as the fairies in the enchanted forest.

‘Can you train your creativity and inspiration?’
Of course! Getting inspiration is the art of letting go. For that to happen you should ask yourself, where is your happy place where you feel relaxed? Where are you not bothered by external factors that give you stress? For me that is nature. In the quiet surrounding of nature, my brain exhales a sigh of relief. Without any obligations or the need to prove myself, automatically there is room for new story ideas. Other people have those moments while ironing, during a road trip, or even talking to somebody who stimulates their imagination.

The conclusion to this question is that inspiration is an interaction between you and the world. Do you like to write a book but are struggling with writer’s block? Don’t keep staring at your screen, but go out into the world. Search for a small adventure. Tickle your brain with something you’ve never done before. Talk to people you don’t know yet and let go of ‘have to’. Only then your story will eventually bubble up at the most unexpected moments.

Let me know if this article helped you!


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