Time goes by so quickly. When I was flipping through my Google Photos to see what I can use for a new blog, I realized how fast the days went by and how many photos, read moments, I captured.

I thought I didn’t explore as much as I did, last time when I was here but the photos tell me otherwise. I visited the famous Vista house (and oh boy how I would love to live there), the Moultan Falls, and several other waterfalls, I did attend another networking event downtown, which is always a challenge to wiggle my way through the bums, but where I was unofficially baptized to be a Portlander. They liked me so much, I didn’t have to wait 3 years to be accepted. Oh, how I love Portland for its friendliness.
Also, a new client contacted me after he found me on Google to help him design his book. Every time I meet him at his office, my view is the majestic mountain that makes my heart skips a beat when I see it.

I finally met my dearest friend Lisa here again. Somehow we just couldn’t get our schedule in sync to meet up. Either I was here and she was gone, or she was here and I was gone. But we finally found a day when we were both here. She had some real Dutch stroopwafels flown over the day before, especially for me. And her dog Loki, oh my, he was definitely a stress absorber. It’s always great to see Lisa and catch up with her about almost everything.

The biggest event I was looking forward to was the 4th of July, Independence Day. I had seen so much about it. I heard so much about it. This was thé day of all days. But this year the Day of all days was tortured by a terrible heatwave. There was no desire to do anything but wait till the firework started, and so we did.

I was taught that everything is always bigger, better, and more beautiful in America. I agree on the nature part but on the firework part, oh boy, they can learn something from the Dutch. I watched a fireworks show that I see every year on New Year’s Eve at home, in the Netherlands. Every neighbor at home has that kind of fireworks. Nevertheless, it was interesting to experience a day like this.

When I post this blog, I still have 65 days left. One thing I really hope for is to get back into the mountains and be one with nature because that is something I will miss at home.


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