Creativity is an elusive concept. As elusive as art. What is an art to one person, is trash to another. After my first week in Portland, I decided today to go to a creative people’s market. I not only landed literally but also figuratively speaking; the suitcase is unpacked and the jet lag is almost over. So it’s time to explore the area.

The People’s Market was on the other side of town. Quite a challenge to drive a car you are not used to, in a country where you are not really at home yet. But I’m here for a reason, so I kicked myself in the butt, turned on Google maps, and went for it. And so I was on the other side of town within half an hour. Fortunately, parking here was a lot easier than the place I had picked the day before.
Just to be sure, I asked the nice security guy at the beginning of the market (why was there any security here at all?), whether I had to pay for parking in advance or afterward. “Madam, you don’t have to pay at all, but that’s between you and me.” Ah! I like that kind of welcome!

Walking into the creative market, I had no idea what to expect so I was surprised by the variety of people and products. After the first round, I noticed that the variety of products went from illustrated cards to homemade hand cream, from unusual clothing to perfume made that morning.

I visited this market because I was especially curious about the artwork. Would my style match the area? It struck me that the artwork I saw here was very similar to the earlier expressionism or the modern art movement. Large areas of color and thick black lines. But unlike expressionism, it seemed as if it had been quickly finished with little attention to detail.

The artwork didn’t touch me, which is exactly the meaning of art and creativity, it has to touch you. Art is emotion, it should touch you when you see it and evoke a certain feeling. A creative person always puts emotion into the artwork. That is why, as a creative person, it’s always scary to show your work to the public. You show a part of yourself that is judged by others.

Creativity is something that comes and goes. Either you have an overload of ideas or you are empty. One thing is clear, a change of scenery gives the brain a creative kick so who knows what my brain pour out in the upcoming months.
Stay tuned to read more about my adventures in the states!

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