What you think, you create, what you feel, you attract, what you imagine you become

What you think, you create,
What you feel, you attract,
What you imagine, you become

Lila has been watching Paddy for some time now, wondering how he could sit still for so long. The panda has been meditating with his eyes closed for hours.

She tilts her head a bit as if seeing it from a different angle might change her view of it. Maybe he’s just sleeping. Pandas are not known for their energetic character. She must admit, because of his calmness they became such good friends. He is the calm in her storm.

“Paddy?” Lila finally breaks the silence. She is running out of patience. “Paddy, are you asleep?” Paddy gives a monotonous grunt, which tells Lila he is not sleeping. She still doesn’t know what he is doing.

“Paddy, what are you doing? Will this take long? I am bored. We were supposed to go to the lake, right?” Lila sighs dramatically. “Paddy!” Lila yells irritated.

Paddy opens his eyes and smiles. “Calm down, Lila, I’m trying to get as colorful as you are because I think my black and white fur is so boring.”

Lila looks questioningly at him. What is he talking about? Paddy continues and explains his slowly and calmly his logic. “I learned that what you think you create, what you feel, you attract, and what you imagine you become. I imagined I would become a rainbow panda so how do I look? Did it work?

Lila burst out laughing. “No Paddy, you still have black and white fur but to me, you are the most colorful panda I have ever met!” Lila chuckles, “Now get your big bum up to the lake before I explode in a thousand colors!”

Slowly Paddy gets up, a little disappointed he is still a black and white panda but happy he has such a colorful friend who makes his days every day a colorful day.

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