The lovely Lisa, from Pennsylvania, USA, contacted me with the question if I also work with singer/songwriters.
As long as it’s legal and is in line with my core values, I work with everybody.

She experienced issues with another web designer who took her money and run so there were some trust issues to overcome. I explained how I work and what to expect which gave her a feeling of trust and we started working on her website where she wants to publish her music and art dedicated to the Lord.
Because she didn’t really have a logo, I also created that for her.

A website is always in progress but she was so happy with the result that she already wanted to share it with the world.

I loved working with Lisa because she is so sweet and kind with an amazing voice! Would you like to visit her website? Go to

Are you also looking for a web designer but don’t know where to start? Start by setting up a free consultation on Zoom to see if I can help you.

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