The day I met you was the beginning of everything

We may not be perfect,
but we are perfect for each other

The sky turns slowly red as the sun disappears behind the mountains. Bodhi and Mylah are watching the sunset quietly on the mountaintop as the sun slowly disappears and the moon appears. They are far from their house, but together they are always home.

“Bodhi?” Mylah breaks the silence. “Bodhi, do you notice that everywhere we go, everyone looks at us a bit weirdly? Like we don’t belong together.” Mylah turns her head to see if Bodhi is listening. Sometimes he gets lost in his world of thoughts and doesn’t even hear her speak. Mylah didn’t realize that and would talk for hours without him listening, but she has learned her lesson. Now she looks at him to see if he is listening before she continues talking.

Bodhi looks at her and shrugs. “I really don’t care what others think of us,” he grumbles and looks back at the sunset. He sees that has almost disappeared behind the mountains. Mylah thinks about his short answer for a moment before she moves on. “Wouldn’t you rather have a bear friend instead of a mouse friend?” With a bear friend, he can at least do bear things, she thinks to herself, and speak the Bearian-language. Not to mention having the same size so he doesn’t have to wait every time for Mylah because her little mouse legs are so short.

The sun is almost gone. Bodhi doesn’t want to miss the last bit of the sunset, so with his gaze at the setting sun, he asks her: “Would you rather have a mouse friend? Who could do mouse things with? A mouse with little mouse hairs instead of those long bear hairs you always get tangled up in?” Mylah is shocked. “No, of course not!” she shouts annoyed. “You are my best friend!” Mylah shakes her head. Just the idea of not being with Bodhi anymore makes her already sad. Mylah sighs sadly. Why did he even say that?

Bodhi smiles when he hears her saying that. It’s dark now. The sun has completely disappeared behind the mountains and the light of the moon shines on their different-colored fur. “My lovely Mylah, We may not be perfect, but we are perfect for each other and that will never change.” He takes Mylah’s little mouse hand in his big bear paw and pulls her close. Together they sit in silence and watch the moon rising high in the sky.

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