We had only just finished the English version of Growing Plant Empowerment, when I was asked if I would also like to participate in the Dutch one. Of course I didn’t have to think long about that.

It took some time before I received the first translations. Enthusiastic, I immediately got to work and then… then the Covid-19 pandemic broke out and everything was locked. But where there is a will, there is a way and where there is a deadline, creativity arises. Of course I did the first draft myself first, but then there were many, long but oh so pleasant ZOOM meetings where we went through the texts with a dust comb to remove all mistakes, until we came to this great result again. . I am proud of it and I enjoyed working on it again so much that I almost regret that the project has come to an end.

But, don’t worry, the Spanish version is already impatient! We design and ZOOM happily on!

Do you also have a book on the shelf that screams for great design? Or do you just need help with a cover that stands out? Contact me and we will discuss the possibilities together!

Were you actually looking for this book but came across my website by chance? Then click through to the Plant Empowerment website.



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