Early 2021 I received an email from a woman who had heard about me in her network. She heard I could help her publish her children’s book. During a ZOOM meeting, she could tell me what her idea for her children’s book was. She wondered what I could do for her. Initially, that would only be for the design, layout and supervision of the publishing, but after she had seen the illustrations of my latest book, she really wanted me to make her illustrations.

When I received the story, I started making sketches. The advantage of being an illustrator and designer at the same time is that you can immediately test whether an illustration works together with the text in the book. With each new illustration, I put it right next to the text so the author could see what the final page would look like.

It was a great project in which I was not only able to guide the author with the design and illustrations but also with her first steps as an Indie author. Questions like: Do you opt for POD at Amazon or a printer that can deliver hardcover? And what are we going to do in terms of merchandise, should there be a website? Where are your points of sale? All questions that I was able to answer in between work. My work does not stop with just delivering the images. I also like to share my knowledge and see my client make big steps forward.

Do you also have a great idea for a children’s book for a long time, but you don’t know where to start? Contact me and I will be happy to answer all your questions.

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