The website of Breeze Adventures in Curaçao initially only came to me for hosting, but when also some updates had to be done, not only the front-end turned out to be very illogical, but also the back-end was quite overgrown. With more than twenty (mostly unnecessary) plugins, the website had become unwieldy and slow.The website clearly needed an update from the inside out.

The customer wanted the look and feel of the website to remain the same. I like structure and clarity myself what you see back in my work. I first started working on the structure of the website. Visitors don’t want to click more than three times to book their favourite day out on Curaçao.

After the design, structure and layout of the website was set up, I started to tackle the chaos in the back-end. Of the more than twenty plugins, only the five important ones remained. With some extra attention to SEO, the renewed website was launched and visitors were able to book quicker and faster their favourite trip!

Do you also need help with your website? Connect with me and I be happy to discuss what fits within your budget

Are you going to Curaçao soon and you want to book a nice day away? Then take a look at the website of Breeze Adventures Curaçao.

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