Nieuwsbrief iti-bv

When a website or a corporate identity project is finished, our work relationship does not end there. Even though many customers choose to do most of the work themselves, I always remain on standby to answer questions. So when the company Installation Technologies International Curacao let their website made by me, someone was appointed internally to take care of the promotion and updates of the website. Even with the time difference of six hours, she still regularly came with some questions.

Two weeks ago she came up with the question, how she could place a link in a jpg that had to be sent as a newsletter. Now it was time to intervene. I showed her how to use a mail platform so it’s easier to send and to monitor how many mails are opened, what the feedback is, who unsubscribes and what the results are in general. Based on her earlier ideas, I made a template for her, helped her import her contacts and finally send them out. Now we have to wait and see what the response will be.

Do you also need help updating your website or creating a news template? Then contact me to see what I can do for you!

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