logo nieuwe wegen

“Because of my experiences with your logo talent, I really want to leave that request to you definitely, not up for discussion.”

For example, the mail contact started again after 12 years with the customer who, exactly on the same week, had also had a logo designed for me 12 years earlier. In the meantime, a lot has happened in her life and in my life. She has embarked on a new path and I am going to embark on a new path.

After a lovely old-fashioned telephone conversation, in which she could tell me extensively about her new work and how she wanted to express that in her logo. I started working with all that information and made a logo for her that described exactly what she had asked for.

Her response:
“It has something light, sparkling, and that’s exactly what I asked for. I was reminded of the previous logos – there your imagery reinforced how I wanted to appear in my work. Very briefly something like: I say to you ‘I want to radiate this’, you make a logo that confirms how I want to be and that’s how I become, more than I would be without that logo. So you do that very well. I am not your fan for nothing.”

Those are of course the best compliments you can receive as a designer.
Are you also taking a new path and are you looking for a logo that fits? Please contact me to see what I can do for you.

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