When Chantal from SnapConnect asked me to update her website, of couldn’t say no. Her current web designer was too busy, and couldn’t find the time to help Chantal with the website of Snapconnect. When I take over a website from another web designer, I never know what I will find on the other side after logging in and whether I can continue working with it. I have seen many websites that were not built on solid ground.

At first, the website Snapconnect looked like I could help Chantal with the updates. But then there was an update to WordPress and the whole website was broken into a thousand pieces. Because fixing would take more time than starting from scratch, we chose to rebuild the website.

I chose a different theme with a different design and reduced the number of plugins to 5, which caused the crash. Chantal took a good look at her texts and photos. Together we placed the content on the website in a more organized manner. Snapconnect is now ready for 2023.

Want to know more about Snapconnect? Click here to visit their website.
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