The day I met you was the beginning of everything

If you must doubt something, doubt your limits

Georgia is standing on the tip of her toes, her tongue out for that one juicy, fresh leaf hanging just a little bit too high on a tree. Her lanky legs are dangerously wobbling. Just a little bit further and she might be able to grab this delicious leaf. Almost!

But then her legs are flying in all directions and she misses the leaf by an inch. Disappointed, she sits down on the ground and leans against the tree. All the other giraffes are happily nibbling on the fresh leaves that have appeared on the trees after the heavy rain.

“Urgh,” she grumbles, “I can’t do anything right!” She looks sad. “My legs are too lanky, my neck is too short, and my mother says my tongue is only good for too much talking.”

“Gosh, you can talk.” Georgia suddenly hears from up the tree. She looks up but sees nothing. “You’re looking too gloomy, Georgia. I will give you some wise advice.”

Georgia looks up suspiciously but is nevertheless curious about the wise advice. “If you have to doubt something, doubt your limits, but never doubt yourself.”

She has to think about that for a moment. Then she suddenly understands what the voice means. She rolls a rock that is in front of her under the tree. She steps on the rock, stretches out completely, and….bites into the most delicious leaf she has ever eaten.


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