Although this generation seems to be reading less and less, books are hot! Especially writing books is popular. With publishing platforms like Amazon and Ingram Sparks, the decision to publish a book no longer depends on the judgment of traditional publishers. The pandemic with the necessary lockdowns also caused people to start writing.

Writing a book, whether it’s a children’s book, a novel, or a biography, is still a special adventure. All that you imagine eventually ends up in the shops in book form. How special is that! But before that happens, there are quite a few hurdles to take, which can be quite scary and difficult for a new author.

After you’ve written your story, the adventure only begins. It is wise to have an editor read your story. Decide what is important to have checked by the editor. Is that only spelling and spelling errors or also sentence structure and storyline?

A common mistake when publishing a book is willing to make your book design. One may do this to keep control of every little detail, the other author for financial reasons. Whatever your reason is, ask yourself if it’s wise to do it yourself.
Do you want to spend weeks designing your book, resulting in an average result and a file, a printer can’t work with?
Or do you want to avoid all stress and hire a professional designer who will get the job done in no time, which not only saves you a lot of stress but also time? The quicker the book goes to print, the sooner you can start selling.

Due to my 25+ years of experience in designing books and covers, I not only work fast but also professionally. This makes the publishing process for you fun again. After you send me the manuscript, I convert it into a professional layout which, once finished, can be sent directly to the printer without any problems.

Goodbye stress, hello printed book!

Book a free consult today to discuss what I can do for you.

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