Forget all the reasons why it won’t work, believe in that óne reason that will work

Nervously, Ollie bites his nails. “This isn’t going to work,”  he whispers tensely.  “I’m sure it will all go wrong. What should we do when we get caught?” Ollie can no longer sit still and begins to jump nervously.  “Odyle!” he hisses fearfully,  “what if they catch us?”  But Odyle says nothing, fiddling imperturbably with the pin on the lock.

The temperature has dropped significantly in recent days. The two opossums saw the gray sky and knew snow was coming soon.  They decided to look for a place to hide. If it was up to Ollie, he would have preferred to stay in the woods. He didn’t like change. It made him nervous, but he and Odyle were always inseparable. Where one goes, the other follows. Always!

“Click.” Odyle and Ollie look at each other. Odyle grins and pushes the door open with a relaxed wave. “After you, mister Ollie.”

Ollie walks carefully in and looks around. The barn they found turns out to be a huge hay barn. Suddenly Odyle takes a huge jump and plops into the warm, soft haystack. Ollie follows her and crawls next to her, taking her hand. He always feels safe with her.

Through the window they see the first snowflakes falling. Odyle winks at him. “You know that I never look at all the reasons why something shouldn’t work, I only believe in that óne reason why it will work!”

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