Kerst 2021

Even the great oak was once a little nut,
who held their ground

Howie, the little owl, falls flat on his face in the soft grass. He shakes his feathers, jumps up in anger, and starts stamping his feet. Howie is so frustrated. Why can’t he fly?
Little Howie has been trying to fly away from the highest branch for days. His mother looks concerned. He doesn’t have to leave the nest just yet. She wouldn’t even mind if he stayed a little bit longer.
But Howie thinks he’s ready. So he frantically climbs up the tree to make another attempt. “Howie.” Mom sighs in a soft voice.
“No!” Howie shouts stubbornly. I am a big owl. I will and must be able to fly.” Before his mother can say anything else, he jumps again, hoping that this time he will succeed.
-Plop- another attempt gone wrong. His mother shakes her head. She knows she can’t stop him. Howie tries as many times as the tree has nuts. A wise owl once told him, that even the great oak once started as a small nut and grew into a large oak just by determination. When Howie suddenly feels a warm wind ruffling through the leaves, he jumps, flaps his wings, and…. he flies away.

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