Portland is suffering at the moment from the first heat wave of this year. With unhealthy temperatures that suddenly went up from 12 degrees to 35 degrees (Celsius), we are all walking a slower pace. This area has always had the same weather conditions as the Netherlands, sometimes changeable with rain, snow, or sun. The homes don’t have air conditioning because it was never needed. Portland already had extremely hot weeks last year, but then it was still assumed that it was a one-time thing. Now halfway through May, we are already in our first heat wave, while the forecasts say this is just the beginning. So help me God.

I am not a fan of summers and its scorching hot days. I am often considered crazy when I say that I prefer cold, rain and fog. Ridiculous! You must love summer. But summer for me is constant headaches, migraines, sunstrokes, parched eyes and nausea. No, I’m more of an autumn-kinda-girl.

On a very hot Mothersday, I decided to go on a hike because sitting home alone in a small bedroom all day sounds more depressing than facing the heat outside. The best place to be in such scorching heat is near the water. Silver Falls is the place to be. A trail with ten waterfalls.

The overwhelming feeling of despair disappeared the moment I saw the first waterfall. Wow. Simply WOW! The power, the beauty, the force of nature, just everything. All of a sudden everything that was bothering me of this day, was forgotten. This was so overwhelmingly beautiful. I walked to the next waterfall. Of course, I don’t tell you that I took a wrong turn again but because I took a wrong turn, I did end up at the third waterfall instead of the second. Also beautiful but less impressive. Finally, I visited the Twin Falls. Again I got that overwhelming feeling that is indescribable. Especially when you walk under the waterfall and feel the power together with the softness of nature at the same time.

The trails between the falls were full of wildflowers, little blue butterflies, black and white butterflies and white butterflies happily dancing around. They even sat on my hand. A little cheerful yellow bird flew merrily along with me and when I stopped, it sat next to me on a branch and whistled the highest song.

I left that morning home completely drained but returned six hours later tired but fully charged. Nature is still the best therapist you can have. And it’s free too!

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