Distance means so little,
when someone means so much

Bernard the polar bear slowly floats along on his ice floe. The sun shines bright which makes the ice sparkle. As the chunks of ice around him still crumble down and crash into the water, he keeps his gaze fixed on the iceberg in the distance.

He has already traveled many miles and he has many more to go. It doesn’t matter to him because his sweet Mary is waiting there on that iceberg in the distance. His lovely Mary. He gets a warm and fuzzy feeling inside when he thinks of her.

Until recently they were always inseparable, Bernard and Mary until one of the icebergs crashed into the ocean. It caused such panic in the normally so quiet Antarctica. Because of the chaos in the ocean, they couldn’t hold on to each other anymore and they got separated by the force of nature.

He heard the fear in her voice when she was crying in the distance, but he couldn’t reach her anymore. He yelled to keep holding on, he promised to find his way back to her.

He kept his promise. He’s never stopped searching for her until they’re together again. Because distance means nothing to him when someone means so much.

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