Distance doesn’t separate friends,
silence does

It rained so much that the normally calm river burst its banks and made a trail of small tributaries. “Bodhi…Bodhi, where are you?” Mylah yells as loud as she can. She can’t find her friend anywhere. Mylah is concerned. He wouldn’t have been swept away by the water, would he?

“Booooris…” she yells again. She listens carefully. Maybe she hears him calling her, but it remains silent. Saddened, she drops her ears. Bodhi and Mylah were always inseparable until it started to rain and they both had to hide in their holes. The water from the river rushed right between their two holes, causing them to lose each other.

“Mylah?”…..suddenly sound from the distance. “Mylaaaah?” it suddenly echoes louder.
“Bodhi?” Mylah looks up to see Bodhi waving wildly on the other side of the swirling river. Her eyes light up. “Bodhi!” she screams with relief.

“Mylah, I thought I lost you!” Bodhi yells across the water. Mylah shakes her head. ‘Never! But we have to wait until the water has receded before we can play together again.”

Bodhi nods. “Until then, we’ll just yell across the water to each other.” Mylah laughs, as long as she can see and hear him, it’s fine. The distance cannot separate them, only silence.

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