Cooper KlimAfter a Google search for more information about self-publishing your own children’s book, Dieter Burssens from Belgium came across my website. The information he read, convinced him to get in touch with me. We scheduled a zoom meeting, so I could answer all his questions about the process of designing and publishing a book.

The author was now convinced that his book could be published and the illustrator, whom he had already hired, would get to work first. When she was finished, I received the text and illustrations, to design the layout. In the meantime, I also notified the printer when the book should be printed, so that the set deadline would be met perfectly.

Have you written a book that you would like to self-publish? Feel free to contact me to discuss the options that fall within your budget.

“The design by Mireille is extremely professional, with strong ideas and excellent creative solutions. Above all, I appreciate that she is also very attentive to the needs or wishes of the customer and responds to them without effort. I’m really glad we found her for the design of our first book.”


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