Even though the life of a digital nomad seems like one long vacation, it really isn’t. Between the photos, the long airport wait, and traveling, we are still working hard on websites, corporate identities, and book covers.

Being constantly on the road can also get tiring and sometimes you just long to go home,  fries from Bram Ladage, and talk Dutch, so it was time to go home and touch base with home. Or as Sugarland can sing it beautifully: “It’s a long way from here. To the place where the home fires burn. Well, it’s two thousand miles and one left turn.”

Even before I landed, many clients had already made an appointment to catch up. A great opportunity to go through my own country as a tourist again because several clients have their offices in Rotterdam.

The friends I left behind in America asked me to send as many pictures of the Netherlands as possible. At first, I looked surprised. Why? It’s the Netherlands. But once I started walking through my old city as a tourist, the city where I studied and lived on my own for the first time, I started to see my old crappy city with different eyes.  After a great day in Rotterdam, the photos went to America, and I? I snuggled up on the couch with my cat, glad to be home for a while.

This blog had no long mountain climbing challenges, quests, or cultural differences.
Simply the Dutch way; short but sweet!

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