After I designed the first MR2 magazine earlier this year, the team of MR2 asked me if I also wanted to design the anniversary edition.

With an anniversary edition, a designer doesn’t have to follow the layout that has been set for every issue. In this anniversary magazine, the MR2 team requested a timeline at the bottom of every page, starting from when the foundation was founded until, the last page, milestones that happened this year. As an example, they showed me a timeline with only text and years. I got creative with that and designed a road with little cars, date marks, and information about the dates. The anniversary issue has become a fun save-for-later issue.

Would you also like to celebrate your anniversary with a magazine to look back on the history of your company? Or do you want to start a magazine from scratch? Book a free consult with me to discuss what I can do for you!

Do you have an MR2 or do you want to buy one and come to this page by accident? Then click through to the website of MR2 where you can read everything about the car.

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