When the ‘Under Construction screen is removed, your website is finally online. With a satisfied feeling after all this hard work, you now can sit back and relax, waiting for potential clients to come flying to your website.


Wrong! If it’s only that easy, everybody would be successful. Just like a car, your website also needs maintenance. A new update of WordPress (the content management system with which your website is built) appears regularly. Because WordPress is regularly updated, the plugins and theme you use must also be updated. It’s really important to keep WordPress, Plugins, and Theme up-to-date.

“What if I don’t do this?”

You can choose not to. However, your website will be marked as ‘old’ rather quickly, making it a target for hackers. Not only that but also Google sees your website is outdated. Google doesn’t like old things so you will drop in the ranking and therefore no longer end up high in the search results. Potential customers will no longer be able to find you and your amount of visitors will decrease even more.


Don’t panic! Do you find it scary, to do the updates yourself? Help is on the way! Take a look at my website for the Anti-Crash-Bang-Boom package.
I will keep your website updated and safe so you can focus on your customers again.

Would you like to know more about it or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact me!

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