The day I met you was the beginning of everything

I’m searching for the right words…

“What are you doing?” Bodhi breaks the silence. In a sad mood, he sits against a tree and tries to figure out what Mylah is doing. She opens one book after another, rustling through the pages, writing something down, before throwing the book back into another pile.
Mylah has always been his best friend, but now that he needs her the most, she seems to be very occupied with something else and doesn’t want to talk to him. Bodhi doesn’t understand what could be so much more important than their friendship. It makes Bodhi feel even more alone. He shakes his head and slowly gets up. While he walks away he mumbles: “Never mind.” Boris is now not only sad but also disappointed. He needed her so bad right now with everything that happened.
Mylah looks up. She is so sorry for what happened to Bodhi. Even though they are best friends for life, with this happening she doesn’t know what to say to make him feel better or how to cheer him up. It all seems so meaningless.
Bodhi!” Mylah says his name with so much empathy. “Bodhi, wait.” Bodhi stops and turns around. He looks at her with his big brown sad eyes. It hurts Mylah to see her friend hurting. She just wants to take his pain away.
Bodhi, I’m looking for words,” Mylah says softly.
“Words?” Bodhi asks.
Mylah looks up at him with sadness in her eyes. “Yes, I am looking for words to tell how I feel about what happened. Words that would take your pain away and makes you feel better.” She shrugs her little shoulders, and a tiny little mouse tear rolls down her cheeks. Bodhi smiles. “I think you just found the right words.” He pulls Mylah towards him and together they hug the sadness away. Sometimes being there is all someone needs.

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