de vermeningvuldighoed, vormgeving kinderboek

After a search on Google, Lieke found my website and read everything about the publishing process, she decided to contact me. She had once written a book, had it illustrated and printed but now she wanted to do it all over again but then more within her budget. After a first Zoom meeting, I explained to her the options that would fit within her budget.

I then started working on a new layout for the book that had to use only an old PDF from a long, long time ago. We discussed the progress on Zoom. After Lieke was satisfied with the result, I guided her through her KDP amazon account and uploading the files. After Amazon approved all files, Lieke can now start selling her books at school.

Would you also like to publish your book but you don’t know how? Please feel free to contact me so that we can discuss the options within your budget.


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