On my website www.picturebookpublisher.com I focus specifically on writing and editing children’s books and everything that comes with it. This week I delivered a new children’s book.

Melissa came to me with an idea for her children’s book. It was a long-cherished dream on her bucket list, which she now finally wanted to see come true. She had no idea what the options were for publishing her book. She wanted to keep everything under control, but she also had a certain budget in mind for this project. Publishing via Amazon is still in its infancy for the general Dutch public. But this way you can keep everything under your own management and keep an eye on your budget. In a first meeting I explained to her the options and the steps she had to take. She went home with a head full of mental notes.

In the weeks that followed, she wrote her book, found an illustrator and had her book edited. Then she contacted me again. I received the entire package digitally. I designed a beautiful children’s book, e-book and a 3D image for promotion. She was soon able to upload and sell her book on Amazon, both in PDF for print and the e-book.

Writing your own children’s book is exciting, fun and gives you a sense of pride when you finally hold the printed copy in your hands. Do you want to experience that too? Please contact me so we can discuss what I can do for you.

Do you want to order Bella and Beau’s book on an adventure? Click on the link to order it directly on Amazon or send us an email.

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