reme techniek

New branding Reme techniek

ReMe Techniek is an independent partner in climate control technology and building management. They contacted D-Design with the request for a new complete new branding and website because the current logo, which was used until now, was no longer representative for the company. The only condition that was to keep the colour orange. D-Design looked for a matching color and made the whole brand more modern with a link to the technique that Reme techniek supplies; the open block in the M that also is used in all flowcharts.

D-Design changed the complete branding. From stationery and business cards to stickers for the supplied control cabinets and of course, the website also got a makeover.


With this new look, Remetechniek can focus on what they are good at: Building Innovation!

Are you also thinking of a new corporate identity? Connect with me to discuss the possibilities within your budget.


Old logo Reme Techniek

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