What other way is there to test the books I wrote than testing it with the target audience? It has been a while since I took care of an eight-year-old but when this little princess was thrown into my lap to take care of for two weeks, I didn’t say no. In fact, I took care of her as if she was my own daughter so what could go possibly wrong here.

Clearly, that was a mistake because even though you might think that eight-year-olds are the same all over the world, I came to the realization, they are not. I ran into a huge wall of cultural differences, which made us clash several times. But nothing that I haven’t seen before or couldn’t handle.

Despite the clashes, we also had so much fun, driving from playground to playground, going on a bear hunt, building gingerbread houses (my first time!), reading books (her first time!), and doing each other’s hair. But I also learned how to talk to Google. In stead of typing the question you just ask Google. For example: “Google, can you send me a limo because I’m too tired to walk home.” Obviously, Google failed dramatically and she really had to walk home.

Although we were both pooped out by the time it was 10 PM and she had talked to her mom, taken a bath and got her late-night snack, story time was always a must at the end of the day. And so we read the book I published but also new books we bought especially for the occasion.

I must admit that it is a surprise to read my own books and find out we both like it very much, the reading (which I always did with my own kids) and the book itself. And with that said, I had to start writing a new book. I know one fan who can’t wait for it to be finished and published!


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