Ania found me through one of the many Facebook groups for authors and illustrators. She had a question about how to proceed with her book release and whether there should be a website for it. She doubted. Both about the ‘how’ and about the costs. I explained everything to her step by step via messenger. She got a good feeling about it and chose for a landing page. Because the presale would start soon, this project had a tight deadline. That is why I immediately started working for her with the information she sent me. A bit nervous if I designed what she had in mind, I sent her the result. Despite the time difference (England – California) an answer came right back:

“It’s so beautiful. Thank you so much. It makes me cry. It’s been a long journey for me…
I love what you’ve done.”

It is the beginning of a new long-term collaboration between Ania and me! You can see all about Ania and her book on her website. As a bonus, she also received a mock-up photo of her book.

Are you also looking for help creating a landing page? Or do you need help with the layout of your cover or book? Connect with me to discuss your project.

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