If you are lucky enough to find a weirdo never let them go

If you are lucky enough to find a weirdo
never let them go

Emily is from a distance looking at Eddy. She tilts her head a bit and wonders what he is doing. While the group of meerkats is all joining together, Eddy stands completely on his upside down on top of a rock.

Emily looks from the group back to Eddy, when she decides to ask him what he is doing. Eddy has always been different. When the group looked to the left, he looked to the right. When the group hid, he was dancing in the middle of the field. Countless times Emily has seen Eddy dancing around in the middle of the field. He doesn’t let a day go by where he doesn’t make her laugh with his crazy ideas.

“Eddy?” Emily asks as she sits down next to him. She now also holds her head upside down to look at him. “Eddy, what are you doing?”
“I am looking at the world from a different perspective,”  explains Eddy.  “I have to admit, I have a completely different view of the world now.”

Emily chuckles. “Eddy, I don’t think they mean that literally.” But Eddy doesn’t listen and continues.  “Emily, you should try this perspective too.” Emily tries to stand upside down next to Eddy, but she’s far too clumsy for that and together they roll off the big rock laughing.

Emily looks at Eddy. She smiles. She jumps at his neck and gives him a huge hug.  She knows for sure, she will never let this weirdo go.

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