About me

Who is Mireille and what is D-Design?

I am D-Design and D-Design is me. My name is Mireille van Yperen. After I successfully graduated from the Graphic Design College Rotterdam in 1995, I worked for various graphic companies such as advertising agencies and printing companies.

In 1997 I was asked by an advertising agency to start building websites. Where almost no one had heard about the internet and hardly anyone had a connection at home, I was already fiddling with HTML codes. The company had started the process of building websites too early. In the absence of customers who dared to invest in a website, the department was eventually closed and I ended up at a printing company again.

In 2003 I started my own company where my own qualities were finally allowed to blossom. By creating online and offline media, I was able to serve my customers from start to end. From logo to website, from flyer to newsletter.

Being a busy bee I continued to grow. Standing still is not for me. HTML websites became WordPress websites. Logos became house styles and folders became brochures. New customers became satisfied returning customers.

My latest addiction is actually an old love. I started illustrating and writing at a young age, much to the chagrin of my mother because I was always and everywhere doodling with pencil and paper, even in church. Despite not listening to the sermon, I now have written, illustrated and published five children’s books. In my Spinselshop you will not only find my books but also my artwork.

Funfacts about me:

  • I drink liters of tea a day.
  • I absolutely cannot live without chocolate.
  • I dance in the kitchen while cooking.
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