The day I met you was the beginning of everything

Age isn’t just a number

Happy birthday! Another year older, another wrinkle, and maybe even one or two gray hairs. Where did the time go, while you were busy living your life? Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into years and suddenly you blow out more candles on your cake than you asked for.
Depressing, right? It is if you see it from that point of view. But I don’t see it that way, that’s why I send you this card with an elephant, a giraffe, and a mouse to tell you, it’s not just any birthday.
Now take a bite of your pie and start counting the number of friendships you’ve found over the years. When you’re done with that, count how many memories you’ve made with everyone. How many countries have you traveled to? How many different cities have you seen? How many times did you fall in love or out of love? And how many times did you feel loved? Adding it all up, I’d bet that number is much higher than your age.

Dear you, wonderful person in my life,
age isn’t just a number, it’s the sum of all memories.

I wish you a wonderful birthday and many more memories to make!

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